Hi there!

My name is Yun.  I started a photo project on Instagram (@instayunman) over a year ago.  The goal of that project was to take 52 good photos about Vancouver in 52 weeks.  Like many people who are on Instagram, while flipping through hundreds and hundreds of photos that year, I noticed that there were many, many nice photos but they were just that…nice.

So I began to dig a little deeper into why that was the case.  I started reading more about the creative process, and started asking questions.  Like what does it take to take pictures that are more than just nice?  Or why do some people “naturally” take such amazing pictures?  Are they “naturally” that good, or is there an actual formula that one can follow?

What I am beginning to realize is that there are some regular steps that one can take to become more creative.   I did repeat some of those steps when I worked on my photo project about Vancouver.  Looking back, I think following those steps certainly helped.  However, there is so much more that I have to learn.

So this leads me to why I am starting this blog.  I would like to learn much more about the creative process to help me take more memorable and unique photos.  Like a scientist, I would like to “experiment” with what I learn, and share the results with others online.  Hence, my blog name “Photographic Experiments with Creativity.”  I would love if others  also share with me their own thoughts and ideas about the creative process, especially with all things photography related.

So please join me as I begin to learn, explore and “experiment” my way to becoming a more creative and better photographer!

About me: 

I have 2 passions. Photography & Travel.

I love how travelling allows me to see and experience amazing things, meet cool people, and learn about other people and cultures. I have been very fortunate to have travelled to so many countries, including China, India, France and Turkey.

I love how photography allows me to play, create and educate others.

My hope and dream is to one day travel the world, and to use photography to educate and possibly help make this world a little better and a little bit more interesting.